Process Improvement

Interference or dropouts per 100 shows


S curve


Previous gains are improved by new gains


The first few gains in a unoptimized system reactively easy

Reduce the creation of IMD

    Antenna Combiner

    Reduce Power

    Shield transmitters not in use




The Amplitude of IMD in relation to to the distance of transmitter antennas for IEM and the output power of the transmitters

    protection around antenna

Compounding gains for improved performance 


Developing a process philosophy for your RF implementation process.

Aggregation of marginal gains, Negative gang aggregate as well


Auto racing HP - Tires - handling

The closer to zero you need to focus on the aggregation of marginal gains

Interference or dropouts per 100 shows

Selection of wireless equipment


    spectral efficiency 

    conflict with frequency ranges of other devices

    Diversity receiver antennas

    Digital: Lost packet replacement corrupted data

    networking (speed)


    Wired Backub

Antennas (Not anteni)

    Antenna for application 

    clear 1st fresnel zone (/freɪˈnɛl/ fray-NEL) 


Understanding noise floor




OIP output intercept point

Refine process to reduce setup time

    Scan and coordinate before show

    Network and IP addresses in prep

Frequency Coordination 

    The only time you don’t need to do it is when you have one type of devices networked with auto scan

Scan of RF environment