RF Spectrum Analyzers

A spectrum analyzer is a must have tool for rf coordination. Here are a couple of analyzers that I like.

RF Explorer


For Mac users

For Windows users

RF Explorer makes some entry level level spectrum analyzers. The free software fromRF Explorer is no very useful and cannot export cvc files to send to your coordination software. Two good software products available for this to connect it via USB to a computer.

Signal Hound BB60C

The Signal Hound BB60C is the spectrum analyzers I use most of the time. It is very fast, can do real time analysis, export csv files for import in your coordination software, and it is just awesome. It comes with free software for Windows. Unfortunately there is not Mac software available.

Here are a couple must have accessories from Mini Circuits.

SMA to BNC adaptor so you can connect analyzer to BNC antenna or your antenna distribution.

I like to cary several attenuators of various values. -3, -6, and -10dB.