This page is designed to be a quick reference for the coordination of radio devices in a production environment. The layout is optimized to quickly find the information you need from a phone. Enjoy, and I welcome any comments or suggestions.

Updated IMD Calculator spreadsheets.

New 32 channel version and updated macros

Put together an RF Toolbox

Useful tools to put together a RF toolkit for setting up and operating RF equipment.

Pink Noise Flashlight Hack

Here is a cool hack. Make a DIY pink noise flashlight by repurposing a bicycle radio/flashlight found on Amazon. This is very useful tool.

Pinl Noise Flashlight

RF Device Frequency Bands

This reference shows popular frequency bands for RF microphones, IEMs, and Coms. Manufactures such as Shure, Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, RTS,  Clear-Com,  & Others are referenced in this page. Spectral bands include  UHF, ISM, DECT, and 2.4 gHz bands.

Excel IMD Calculator


Excel Spreadsheets:

-IMD Calculator 16 ch.

-IMD Calculator  32ch.

-Band Planing

-RF Calculations

-Path Loss Calculator

Test Labs, Investigating our process

We have set up some tests to determine the impact of processes in the setup and operation of RF equipment has on the reliability of the RF system that is being operated. In each of these tests we have developed a rational for a testing protocol that provides us data giving us a better understanding of how to develop better practices for the set up and operation of RF equipment.

NYC UHF and VHF RF Scans

These pages display the current RF landscape of NYC from recent scan data. Included are Television stations that occupy VHF &  UHF channels in the NYC market.  Transmitter locations, transmitter ERP (Effective radiated power), & contour plots are also included.