The Lab

 We have set up some tests to determine the impact of processes in the setup and operation of RF equipment has on the reliability of the RF system that is being operated. In each of these tests we have developed a rational for a testing protocol that provides us data giving us a better understanding of how to develop better practices for the set up and operation of RF equipment.

Testing Lab #1 - IMD Pan Test

One very common causes of IMD occurs when you have two of more microphones very close to each other. This commonly happens when you set out microphones on a table, or the top of a rack ready to be used. We are going to do some testing to determine the impact of this process on the generation of IMDs.

Testing Lab #2 - Public Safety

In many larger populated areas  UHF frequencies are allocated for Public Safety in the UHF TV spectral band from 470−512MHz. These are primarily used by police and fire LMR (Land Mobile Radio). It is illegal to operate in this spectrum band.

Channels 14,15, & 16 are allocated by the FCC in New York City for Public Safety LMR.

Coming Soon

Testing Lab #3 - IMD’s in an Amp or Distro