RF Toolbox

Anyone that regularly coordinates frequencies for wireless microphones and wireless in ear monitor systems should assemble the tools needed to perform frequency coordination with consistent and dependable process. These tools are not only useful for for set up but also for observation of in use device transmissions operation, and to maintain stable operation of these devices.

RF Spectrum Analyzers

A spectrum analyzer is a must have tool for rf coordination. Here are a couple of popular options for spectrum analyzers. Personally I use a Signal Hound BB60C most of the time. I RF Explorer when I want to travel light and are not planing on being in ay difficult RF situations.

RF Explorer

RF Explorer makes some entry level level spectrum analyzers. There are several models available, Models with the frequency range of 50KHz - 860 MHz work the best for our application. The The RF Explorer ISM Combo+ Slim also adds 2.4 GHz capability. 

The free software from RF Explorer is not very useful and can not export cvc files for use in coordination software. However two good software products are available that add csv export, control of the scanner, and monitoring. I have provided links to this products below.

For Mac users

For Windows users

Signal Hound BB60C

The Signal Hound BB60C is the spectrum analyzers I use most of the time. It is very fast, can do real time analysis, export csv files for import into your coordination software, and it is just awesome. It comes with free software for Windows. Unfortunately there is not Mac software available.


There are a few TTi spectrum analyzers available. These are convenient handheld units that can export CSV files for use in coordination software. These are popular with many production companies.


After you have a scanner a UHF Wideband omnidirectional antenna very useful for capturing spectral data.

Here are a couple must have accessories from Mini Circuits.

SMA to BNC adaptor so you can connect analyzer to BNC antenna or your antenna distribution.

I like to cary several attenuators of various values. -3, -6, and -10dB.