Make a Pink Noise Flashlight

 We have set up some tests to determine the impact of processes in the setup and operation of RF equipment has on the reliability of the RF system that is being operated. In each of these tests we have developed a rational for a testing protocol that provides us data giving us a better understanding of how to develop better practices for the set up and operation of RF equipment.

Testing Lab #1 - IMD Pan Test

    •    PNY 16GB Elite Class 10 U1 microSDHC Flash Memory Card

    •    PNY 16GB micro SDHC memory card on Amizon

Testing Lab #2 - Public Safety

    •    Zealot S1 Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Bicycle Portable Subwoofer Bass Speakers Waterpoor 4000mAh Power Bank+LED light +Bike Mount+Carabiner

    •    Zealot S1 on Amazon

Instructions for assembly

    •    Unpackage Zealot S1 Bluetooth Speaker

    •    Plug provided microUSB cable into flashlight and plug into a charger ( Charger not included) let charge fully

    •    download pink noise file from this link 

    •    copy pink noide file onto the root directory of microSD card

   •    Pluginsert card into flashlight

Instructions for  Operation

    •    Lift flap to turn on

    •    Hold M button (located on speaker side of device) for one second to switch to Music mode

    •    Press M button to toggle pink noise on and off

    •    hold + button until it beeps to adjust to max volume

   •   Aditional features

    USB A port for phone charging

    LED Flashlight