Excel Spreadsheet downloads

 We have three excel spreadsheet available for download as well as some spectrum analisier cvs files of the data used in the NYC RF Scans section of this website.

Excel Spreadsheet that calculates 2T30, 2T50, and 3T30 IMD’s for up to 16 device frequencies.

Macros are also available to copy intermodulation frequencies for import into frequency coordination software.


IMD Calculator

This spreadsheet allows you to easily organize the available spectrum and determine which devices frequency bands are available for this available frequency bands. This spreadsheet includes the UHF, VHF, ISM, DECT, 2.4 Ghz, and the licensed 900 mHz STL bands. Also included are the spectral bands of most major brands wireless devices.


Band Planing

Excel Spreadsheet with four tabbed calculator sheets

1- Path Loss Calculator

2 - Antenna Placement Calculator (New)

3 - Third Order Intercept Calculator

4 - Wavelength Calculator

5 - VSWR Calculator


RF Calculator

NYC CSV scan files featured on this site. These files contain the data used to create the pots in the RF scan section of this website.


NYC CVS Scan files