Public Safety LMR

TV Channels 14,15,16 in NYC

Land Mobile Radio - Public Safety

In many larger populated areas  UHF frequencies are allocated for Public Safety in the UHF TV spectral band from 470−512MHz. These are primarily used by police and fire LMR (Land Mobile Radio). It is illegal to operate in this spectrum band.

Channels 14,15, & 16 are allocated by the FCC in New York City for Public Safety LMR.

Aside for from the fact that it is illegal to operate non licensed devices in this spectrum. There is also a high probability that LMR radios operated in this spectrum band will interfere with wireless microphones. LMR radios in this spectrum transmit at 5 watts and key in intermittently when the talk button is pressed on the radio. 

Auto Scan on the face of wireless receivers will not avoid this Spectrum band. Custom user frequency groups can be used to provide frequency groups that avoid this spectrum.

Below is a table of Public Safety designated spectrum band organized by metro area.

Ch.14 470-476

New York 14

Public Safety

Ch.15  476-482

New York 15

Public Safety

Ch.16  482-488

New York 16

Public Safety

Loop of Spectral Data in NYC demonstrating Public Safety in use.

Metro Area

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL - NW, IN

Cleveland, OH

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Detroit, MI

Houston, TX

Los Angeles, CA

Miami, FL

New York, NY - NE, NJ

Philadelphia, PA


San Francisco-Oakland, CA

Washington D.C.

Golf of Mexico


LM Public Safety Q1 2019

Avoid TV Channels

14, 16

14, 15

14, 15


15, 16


14, 15, 16, 20


14, 15, 16

19, 20

14, 18

16, 17

17, 18

15, 16, 17