NYC RF Environment

VHF 01SEP2019

The 600 MHz Repack is almost completed in the NYC metro market.  Data in this graph compares the current scan data to post repack simulated scan data. The DTV stations listed are in their post-repack spectrum location of stage 9.

This can give you an idea of what to expect during the repack transition period. The data was calculated from scan data collected on  01AUG2019 from Three outside locations in Manhattan. The calculations were using publicly available documents from the FCC. Links to this Data used to make this table are provided for each DTV Station.

  • Inportant Dates
  • August 2, 2019 Phase 4 completed, all UHF DTV Channels in the NYC metro area are required to relocate to their post repack licensed frequency band.
  • May 1, 2020 Phase 9 completed, VHF channel WNET - PBS will move from ch. 13 to ch. 12
  • July 13, 2020 is the final date that the 600 MHz spectrum band is available is available for production RF use.

Black - South WTC

Green - West 9th AVE & 35th

Blue - East 1st AVE & 47th

Ch.2 54-60


Trump WT - ERP .6kW

FCC Query

Ch.3  60-66


4 Times SQ - 9kW

FCC Query  Profile

Ch.4  66-72

Ch.5  76-82

Ch.6  82=88

WNZY FM 87.7 MHz

Ch.7  174-180


ESB - ERP 34 kW

FCC Query  Profile

Ch.8  180-188


Ch.9  188-192

Ch.10  192-198


One WTC - ERP 4 kW

FCC Query  Profile

Ch.11  198-204


ESB - ERP 7.5 kW

FCC Query  Profile

Ch.12  204-210

WNET Loacation

By 13JUL2020

Ch.13  210-216


One WTC - ERP 6.5 kW

FCC Query  Profile

ADA Devices

216-217 ADA